Hazing Policy

Georgia State University adheres to state, local and federal guidelines in all hazing matters. Georgia State’s position on hazing is consistent with state prohibition on hazing activities, which prohibits all forms of hazing by all members of fraternities and sororities. Any infraction of state, local or federal guidelines reported to the Greek Life staff, or the Dean of Students will be dealt with accordingly. Georgia State University has recognized the dignity of every individual and has expressed strong opposition to all forms of hazing. This policy can be found by reading the Georgia State University Student Code of Conduct.

A great national resource is Hazing Prevention. This organization is dedicated to empowering people to prevent hazing by providing education and resources and building partnerships with others. Major initiatives of the organization include National Hazing Prevention Week™, the Novak Institute for Hazing Prevention™ and educational webinars and courses that touch the lives of thousands of individuals, organizations, campuses and communities.