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Four Pillars

Since 1954, many Georgia State students have chosen to become part of the rich tradition of the Greek community by becoming members of fraternities and sororities. Approximately 5% of the undergraduate students on the Atlanta Campus have chosen to join the Fraternity & Sorority community. Georgia State University continues to grow, as the freshmen class size increases each year. Greek Life provides students with an opportunity to make a big campus feel a little smaller by connecting with other members in the Greek community. When joining a fraternity or sorority, individuals join a community with others who share similar values and interests.

Greek letter organizations were founded on the ideals of scholarship, community service, leadership and lifelong friendship. Georgia State University’s fraternities and sororities continue to uphold these ideals and strive to reach excellence within each of them.

A fraternity or sorority offers an academic support system. All chapters have grade point average minimums required for membership and to remain active. Inter/national organizations, chapters and councils provide academic assistance, including providing monitored study hours, peer tutoring and incentives, such as scholarships and awards for high academic success or for academic improvement. In addition, participating in the Greek community offers students opportunities to interact with faculty and administrators and network through educational programs. These practices have led to the all fraternity & sorority GPA average to be consistently higher than the all campus GPA average.

The Greek community at Georgia State is committed to participating in community service and philanthropic efforts. Chapters strive each semester to give their time and support to many different organizations within Atlanta and beyond. An example of a Greek wide service event is the Trick-or-Treat Fest hosted in Greek Housing each year.

Greek members gain valuable leadership opportunities within the Greek community, providing opportunities to develop skills, such as how to manage a budget, run effective meetings, speak in public and motivate others. In addition, Greek members are actively involved in campus organizations, such as Student Government Association, Intramural Sports, varsity sports, honor societies, the band and departments and offices on campus, such as New Student Orientation as New Student Orientation leaders; University Housing as resident assistants and members of residence hall councils; and as student staff. These activities provide more opportunities to develop leadership skills. The Fraternity & Sorority office also provides additional leadership trainings to FSL students each semester.

Georgia State is home to 30 Greek fraternities and sororities. Greek members develop close friendships with other members that foster brother and sisterhood. All chapters are alike in their values and missions but uniquely different in their members, who create that special bond each group has. Please visit their local and national websites to obtain further information regarding each organization.