Why Go Greek?

Posted On September 1, 2016
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Here is a list of 15 reasons students should join Greek Life at Georgia State University:

Reason #1: Friends for life. Not only will Greek members make lasting friendships with their newly found sisters or brothers, but they will have opportunities to meet new people throughout the whole Greek Life community. These friendships will follow them throughout their college career and beyond.

Reason #2: Networking opportunities. Through their organizations, students are able to make connections with current members and alumni nationwide. These relationships can lead to networking opportunities that could possibly help them to get their dream internship or job.

Reason #3: Giving back. Sororities and fraternities each have their own local and national philanthropy that they take great pride in representing. Being a member of a sorority or fraternity allows students to give back to the community through participation in various philanthropic events hosted by chapters and by the local community.

Reason #4: Scholarships. Greek organizations have a wide variety of scholarship opportunities for their members as well as for alumni. These scholarships include those related to certain interests, areas of study, backgrounds, etc. Many of these scholarships help undergraduate members as well as members who plan to pursue graduate programs.

Reason #5: Support system. When the going gets tough, to whom can Greek members turn? Their sisters or brothers! Members of Greek Life understand and embrace the special bonds between brothers and sisters and act as a shoulder to lean on in times of need or stress just as a family would. The constant support and encouragement students receive from being a member of the Greek Life community is ever-present and lasts beyond their years as an undergraduate.

Reason #6: Diversity. Georgia State University’s student body encompasses a wide variety of students from all walks of life and backgrounds pursuing studies in equally diverse topics. Becoming a member of Georgia State University’s Greek Life community introduces students to a diverse group of individuals who strive to be leaders and scholars on campus.

Reason #7: Campus involvement. Members of the Greek Life community are also represented in many different non-Greek organizations on campus. Honor societies, religious organizations, special interest clubs and the Student Government Association are just a few areas in which the Greek Life community makes themselves stand out on campus as well rounded, accomplished students.

Reason #8: Leadership. Greek Life members have access to a variety of leadership opportunities that will benefit them in college and beyond in professional settings. From executive council positions within their organization, to opportunities throughout campus in other student organizations and business connections, being a part of Greek Life strengthens leadership skills that benefit students in their career and last a lifetime.

Reason #9: Always something to do. When students join a sorority or fraternity, they will always have someone with whom to hang, study or talk. Being in Greek Life allows students constant access to social ties, friends and events that make their college experience more fulfilling and exciting.

Reason #10: Academic benefits. Study hours? Check. Study buddies? Check. Greek members are students first and are in school to further their education and do well, so finding an organization that pushes you to do your best is valuable. Additionally, many older members have insight on what professors are the best, what classes to take and other information that is beneficial to succeeding academically in college. During the spring 2016 semester, the students in Greek Life at Georgia State University had a higher overall GPA than non-Greek students. This shows how important academic excellence is to Greek Life members.

Reason #11: Professionalism. Throughout their time in Greek Life, students learn and practice professional skills that they bring to the workplace after graduation. Proper interview attire, mock interviews and other skills needed to do well in the professional world are learned through workshops and programs led by many Greek organizations.

Reason #12: Time management. Greek students are known to balance their academics with Greek Life, other organizations on campus, friends, family and jobs. Being able to handle splitting up their time among different activities is an essential skill in the professional world and life in general.

Reason #13: Easier transition. For freshmen and transfer students who come from other schools, joining a sorority or fraternity smooths over the nerve racking feeling of being new on campus. Greek members move from not knowing many people, or any at all, to knowing dozens of people to whom they can turn and share lasting bonds.

Reason #14: Memories. When students look back on their college experience after graduation, Greek Life will be a huge portion of their fond memories. From formals and socials, to philanthropy events, to late night study sessions and everything else in between, their sisters and brothers will leave a lasting impression on their life.

Reason #15: Combat stereotypes. It’s up to Greek members to show everyone how versatile and well-educated members of sororities and fraternities can be. In reality, Greek Life members are intelligent leaders and scholars throughout campuses nationwide. Realizing how their letters shape them into the young women and men they become is a humbling and unique experience.

These are just some of the many reasons to join a Greek organization.