Greek Life Through the Eyes of A Sorority Woman

Posted On December 18, 2015
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To say that Greek Life at Georgia State University changed my life is too simple. It undermines the sheer brilliance of the fresh perspective it offered to me during the second semester of my freshman year. Aside from the staggering prestige and shroud of fabricated stereotypes that surround Panhellenic sororities, you will find a wonderland of friendship, loyalty, selfless service, opportunity and belonging.

At Georgia State University, we are a small family of five Panhellenic sisterhoods*. We cherish friends across all organizations, fostering an entire community of purpose and passion to uphold the sacred traditions of those women who came before us. We live happily tucked away in our circle of brick townhouses we call the Greek Courtyard. This is where you will find sisters of all organizations waving hello to one another or enjoying an afternoon in the sun on the lawn of AstroTurf. I do not say this with sarcasm or wit at all. I say it to project the image of just how unique and perfect we as Greek women have it here at Georgia State University. We are indeed unique, but that term is far from negative. We love and cherish our Greek experience here for everything that it is. Close-knit and equally respectful of one another, here we do not shame other organizations nor are we estranged. We hold close relationships with each and treasure the opportunity to attend each other’s events in support of philanthropic causes across the board.

Everything negative anyone has described to me regarding Panhellenic sororities, especially ludicrous stereotypes, I have seen wholeheartedly discredited before my eyes. My sisterhood offers me the opportunity to grow in the image of respectable values set by our founders – to grow as a woman in strength, self-respect, responsibility, compassion, integrity and devotion to my loving sisters. The Greek woman here is infinite. She becomes everything she has ever dreamed of becoming – she is intelligent, empowered, kind-hearted, compassionate, devoted and capable of interpreting the perfect balance between giving and receiving in life. From philanthropic projects and events we host, to sisterhood bonding occasions of all imaginations, to growing a family of big and little sisters, to rituals and sacred practices timeless and cherished, my sisterhood is everything I have ever wanted and needed in my life. In it, I too am the perfect picture of the woman I have always hoped to be. I know this when I devote my heart to what makes my sisterhood individual and perfect and to each and every single one of my sisters. You might see my Greek experience as the cherry atop the milkshake of my time in college, bright and sweet and leading straight to joy.

It is my hope that long after I am gone my sentiment will resonate within the hearts of those in my legacy, not just in my own organization, but in all of Greek life. It is my sincerest hope too that each new woman considering Greek Life at Georgia State University will find her home and her purpose in one of our sisterhoods. They say, “First you become a part of it, then it becomes a part of you.” To the hopeful woman: allow the joy of a sisterhood to change not only your college experience, but your entire life, just as it has changed mine.
– Emily Sewell, proud sister of Alpha Xi Delta

*In addition to the five Panhellenic Sororities, Georgia State University has seven Interfraternity Council chapters, thirteen Multicultural Greek Council chapters and eight National Pan-Hellenic Council chapters. To see a list of all the chapters at Georgia State, please visit our Chapter List page.