AEPuppies hosted by Alpha Epsilon Pi

Posted On November 23, 2015
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Alpha Epsilon Pi hosted their inaugural AEPuppies. AEPuppies was a collaborative effort with Furkids, Georgia’s largest animal rescue and no kill shelter. Furkids does not keep animals in cages. They provide adoptions at twelve local Petsmart and Petco locations throughout the city. In addition, they have three thrift stores (Norcross, Marietta and Lawrenceville) where the proceeds are used to support the cats and dogs in shelters until they are adopted. Furkids helped the brothers of AEPi fill Unity Plaza with people and temporary canine companions for their Bow Wow Powwow. Each guest was allowed to frolic and play with the dogs in a designated area.

A large tent marked the entrance to the designated play area. In the tent, Alpha Epsilon Pi brothers sold tickets to play with the dogs and long sleeve t-shirts bearing the AEPupplies logo. They also made sure everything ran smoothly.

The chapter secured a fundraising arrangement with Atlanta based King of Pops. King of Pops started in Atlanta and has spread to six other cities (Athens, Charleston, Charlotte, Greenville, Richmond and Savannah). They make fruit based and milk based all natural popsicles. The brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi sold King of Pops popsicles just outside the fenced in play area while singing jingles such as “Buy a pop, save a pup!”

The fraternity estimates that around one hundred people were in attendance on the sunny afternoon and purchased over two hundred t-shirts. Through this event, the chapter was able to raise over $4,000. These proceeds will be divided between Furkids and the Alpha Epsilon Pi Foundation, a benefactor of ten philanthropic organizations selected by the fraternity’s national organization. Overall, AEPuppies was a remarkable philanthropic success.