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Required Forms

Below are forms each individual chapter is required to fill out and submit to Greek Life staff:

Greek Presidents’ Manual of Information


Greek Excellence Program

Greek Wise for New Member Orientation
This must be completed by every new member and must be done before they are initiated. Greek Wise educates sorority and fraternity members on how to ease safely into Greek life. The course was designed to change perceptions, reduce risks and positively impact the culture of both the Greek organization and the college campus.

Greek Wise is tailored for each user. Students receive personalized feedback and pre- and post-course assessments to provide measurements of behavior change and knowledge gained. The course covers important issues such as understanding the risks of hazing, avoiding sexual violence and assault, the legal consequences of underage drinking and social hosting and how alcohol can affect academic progress and social behavior.

If students have completed the Alcohol Wise Module for GSU1010 courses, they can use the same log in credentials but Enter the Control Number provided in the instructions below.